BRADDBarren River Area Development District (Bowling Green, KY)
BRADDBridge Automated Design and Drafting (software; Pennsylvania Department of Transportation)
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Baker has been programming and maintaining bridge design software including BRADD for more than 14 years.
3-point goals: Belmont 8-25 (Bradshaw 5-9, Smith 1-3, Chamberlain 1-3, Barnette 1-7, Egekeze 0-1, Mercer 0-1, Bradds 0-1), UVA 6-17 (Brogdon 4-9, Anderson 1-2, Perrantes 1-3, Nolte 0-3).
In this first of a projected 16 volumes (to be published by August 2008), the pseudonyms of people whose names--their real, actual names--begin with A through Gary "Tex" Bradds are listed.
Derry Bradds says about Hadrian's Wall: "It was a spine-tingling and somewhat humbling experience to stand alone on one of the wall's highest vantage points, touching blocks of stone that were originally slotted into place by soldiers from the Roman legions of York, Chester or Caerleon.