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BRAGBicycle Ride Across Georgia
BRAGBuell Riders Adventure Group (Motorcyclists)
BRAGBaryon Resonance Analysis Group
BRAGBuckinghamshire Rural Affairs Group (UK)
BRAGBreathing Regulator/Anti-G (BRAG valve)
BRAGBexley Road Safety Action Group
BRAGBlack Retail Action Group, Inc. (New York, NY)
BRAGBuckeye Region Agility Group
BRAGBusiness Requirements Advisory Group
BRAGBrigade Artillery Group
BRAGBushfire Ready Action Group
BRAGBorough of Rushcliffe Access Group
BRAGBent Riders of Arizona Group
BRAGBangkok Regional Action Group
BRAGBlack, Red, Amber, Green (risk or readiness rating system)
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Byddwn yn gweld Gareth, sy'n wreiddiol o'r Cymer yng Nghwm Afan, yn pacio llwch ei gyfaill yn saff mewn amlen yn ei ges, ac yn teithio i Brag.
Included in the fun was a Big Brag, held on the Friday evening where each school promoted their country by performing a small play or song, advertising a cool drink brand.
It is fun to show off what you are passionate about and Tag N' Brag creates this for everyone.
The tourist can potentially brag to colleagues who have similar interests that they have 'been there-done that'.
BRAG offers entrepreneurs six steps for bringing a product to market:
The Burnmoor/Blayberry Residents' Action Group - BRAG - has been formed by ordinary folk fed up of living in fear.
And also, to talk about people who brag all the time.
BRAG leaders met Transport Secretary Stephen Byers yesterday at the House of Commons and presented him with a 10-point plan of action to improve rail services.
A study from Northwestern University indicates that there's even more to brag about if you have a low resting heart rate.
The overall safety record for plastics processing is nothing to brag about.
Holmes was a man of contradictions, DeRogatis suggests; while he liked to brag about being a rich kid, he hated it when writers described him that way.