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BRAGSBioelectrical Repair and Growth Society (Dresher, PA)
BRAGSBurnaby Rhododendron and Gardens Society (Burnaby, BC, Canada)
BRAGSBarrier Reef Airborne Gravity Survey
BRAGSBritish Rainbowfish and Goby Society (UK)
BRAGSBathurst Regional Art Gallery Society (Australia)
BRAGSBattle River Adoption Group Society (Canada)
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The page said, further, that dinner was about ended in the great hall by this time, and that as soon as the sociability and the heavy drinking should begin, Sir Kay would have me in and exhibit me before King Arthur and his illustrious knights seated at the Table Round, and would brag about his exploit in capturing me, and would probably exaggerate the facts a little, but it wouldn't be good form for me to correct him, and not over safe, either; and when I was done being exhibited, then ho for the dungeon; but he, Clarence, would find a way to come and see me every now and then, and cheer me up, and help me get word to my friends.
cried Dick, 'go in months after, and brag that I had meant to thrash the man, and then didn't.
The camp bullies and prime trappers of the party began to ruffle up, and to brag, in turn, of their perils and achievements.