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BRAINSBrain Research: Analysis of Images, Networks and Systems (software)
BRAINSBayer Randomized Acute Ischemia Neuroprotectant Study (clinical trial)
BRAINSBiochemical Research And INformation Study
BRAINSBrazilian Information Network for Science (Brazil)
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If there are to be purely psychological causal laws, taking no account of the brain and the rest of the body, they will have to be of the form, not "X now causes Y now," but--
They are explained without it by Semon's "engram," or by any theory which regards the results of experience as embodied in modifications of the brain and nerves.
This certainly proves that the brain plays an essential part in the causation of memory, but does not prove that a certain state of the brain is, by itself, a sufficient condition for the existence of memory.
We don't want to jump to any conclusions about anybody," Brain was saying in his staccato style.
He approached the group slowly, but with composure; but he was decidedly pale, and the eyes of Brain and Fisher had already taken in one detail of the green-clad figure more clearly than all the rest.
Rather to the surprise of the company, Brain did not follow up the question thus suggested; but, while retaining an air of leading the inquiry, had also an appearance of changing the subject.
Neither Brain nor Fisher exhibited any surprise, but the former added, quietly:
Brain had had half a notion that the prince might have gone to look for the lost rapier.
Brain of the Indian police was glaring at the new object, and it was a moment or two before he spoke, harshly and almost hoarsely.
You seem to be talking merely for the sake of mystification," said Brain.
And you have nothing more immediate than your topography to offer," said Brain, with a sneer, "to help me avenge my friend?
I used to forget lists at the grocery store,'' Famiglietti said during a Brain Gym 101 session conducted by Barbara Schwartz at Equilibrium in Encino.