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BRAINSBrain Research: Analysis of Images, Networks and Systems (software)
BRAINSBayer Randomized Acute Ischemia Neuroprotectant Study (clinical trial)
BRAINSBiochemical Research And INformation Study
BRAINSBrazilian Information Network for Science (Brazil)
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For now that he think he is free from every trace of us all, and that he has escaped us with so many hours to him, then his selfish child brain will whisper him to sleep.
To me it is quite credible that the Martians may be descended from beings not unlike ourselves, by a gradual development of brain and hands (the latter giving rise to the two bunches of delicate tentacles at last) at the expense of the rest of the body.
But I do not want people to call me a fool, and if my head stays stuffed with straw instead of with brains, as yours is, how am I ever to know anything?
Since you must have observed yourself that this is no joke, and since at least half your guests must also have concluded that after all that has been said this youth MUST blow his brains out for honour's sake--I--as master of this house, and before these witnesses, now call upon you to take steps.
Yes; my brains are working well today," admitted the Scarecrow, an accent of pride in his voice.
Unc Nunkie, Margolotte and the Magician all stood looking at the marvelous Powder, but Ojo was more interested just then in the Patchwork Girl's brains.
Numa had not felt like fighting; but the sight of Sheeta daring to dispute his rights kindled his ferocious brain to sudden fire.
It is the brain, the intellect, the power that directs all things.
Perhaps, in Jerry's brain, the rising into the foreground of consciousness of an image of a log awash connoted more intimate and fuller comprehension of the thing being thought about, than did the word "crocodile," and its accompanying image, in the foreground of a human's consciousness.
I returned to California with the firm intention of developing my brain.
For we are both alive, and he has brains which do not need to be wound up, while I have an excellent heart that is continually beating in my bosom.
At present, there is, so far as I am aware, no good evidence that every difference between the knowledge possessed by A and that possessed by B is paralleled by some difference in their brains.