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BRASBroadband Remote Authentication Server
BRASBroadband Remote Access Server (PPPOATM)
BRASBaton Rouge Astronomical Society
BRASBlack Rose Acoustic Society (Colorado Springs, CO)
BRASBaton Rouge Audubon Society (Baton Rouge, LA)
BRASBreath, Relax, Aim, Squeeze (shooting technique)
BRASBard Rotary Atherectomy System (cardiology)
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With Avon Fashions' new collection of bras in a wide variety of skin tones and styles, you have the confidence to rock any outfit.
A drop-bra skin-contact your " Shane Duff, spokesman for Carriwell nursing bras, added: "By using a drop-cup nursing bra, you are exposing the breast, which increases skin to skin contact with your baby.
Check your bra measurements at least every six months When should I throw old bras out in favour of new ones?
Adhesive bras need to have a low profile in order to be worn under certain types of clothes.
Throwing bras in the wash and using hot water can damage the garment.
Invest wisely now and you won't be left scrambling at the last minute to find a bra that flatters your shape - and your new season purchases.
Bras also come with adjustable bands and eye hooks to accommodate different sizes.
Department stores like Kohl's and Macy's have a wide selection of bras in ail sizes, while specialty stores like Victoria's Secret have racks and racks of bras in lots of different styles.
The smallest bras were bought in Portsmouth, where the average is said to be 34A.
Bra-makiug teachers have been known to pull off their shirts to show off their hand-sewn bras or to demonstrate the particulars of a certain step.
As Scientific American explains, this is a myth that sprung up in the mid-'90s after a pair of medical anthropologists claimed that by inhibiting "lymphatic drainage" bras somehow trapped toxins in the breast tissue, which led to cancer.