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BRASHBehavioral Research Aspects of Safety and Health (Institute for Mining and Minerals Research)
BRASHBanana Root and Soil Health (est. 2002; Australia)
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If Brash is not a man to hide in the shadows, then English is not a leader to run for cover either.
It is clear from December-quarter GDP (gross domestic product) data that domestic demand has been growing strongly, and most information for the March quarter points in the same direction,'' Brash said.
Lucy Crowther, defending, said: "It seems Mr Brash has an unenviable history, fuelled by the need for drugs.
As a result, the case was settled with Brash and Sassy paying Juliet off, and Cane was fired from his job.
Brash, though, also has one eye on the long-term with horse owners Lord and Lady Harris and Lord and Lady Kirkham after establishing himself as world showjumping's biggest and brightest talent.
Mr Brash, who hails from Speke, placed humane devices such as moth traps and pitfalls to catch insects.
The full results of the study, carried out last summer, will be shown on The One Show on BBC1 tonight, along with Mr Brash gathering data at Lennon's former home, Mendips.
Kulsun Jaffer, consultant for BRASH, said: "We are delighted that we are able to launch this new free local service.
Walter Brash and Alan Martin received benefits they were not entitled to after failing to reveal their true details.
Before leaving, the brash Shapiro, who was the force behind the ``SportsCentury'' biographical history series, is expected to negotiate a contract extension for ESPN with Major League Baseball.
I would suggest that Itani travel to other Muslim nations before tarring us with the same brash.
David Livingston, a British missionary, in his quest to find the source of the Nile, and the brash journalist, Henry Morton Stanley, commissioned to find him.