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BRATSBaltimore Radio Amateur Television Society
BRATSBratsche Resources and Teaching in the Schools (International Viola Congress)
BRATSBilling Records Analysis and Transport System (US/Canadian telephone billing)
BRATSBuffalo Rock All- Terrain Series
BRATSBoeing Running and Track Squad
BRATSBecky Rowe, Austin, Trey Smith
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That's the way with these women--they've got no head-pieces to nourish, and so their food all runs either to fat or to brats.
Our only chance is to keep those two brats out of sight.
One of the brats, a boy about eight years old-could he have been in the fields last night?
My good brother, do you hate me to such a degree as to look savagely upon me because of a few mischievous cuffs and blows distributed in a fair war to a pack of lads and brats,
You're always torturing these wretched brats with soap.
As for brains, they were quick brats, she thought, and modestly she ventured on a little story about her son,--how left alone for a minute he had taken the pat of butter in his fingers, run across the room with it, and put it on the fire--merely for the fun of the thing, a feeling which she could understand.
Suppose, to make her happy, we whisper to her in her sleep that the brats are coming back.
A man and woman, at their heels a motley following of brats and curs, trailed disconsolately by.
These are the Brats, my brothers, Geordie and Will, and Jamie the Baby.
Pshaw, I must be writing to those dear saucy brats every night, whether I will or no, let me have what business I will, or come home ever so late, or be ever so sleepy; but an old saying and a true one,
A young peasant girl, who was carrying a bundle of grass on her head, suddenly appeared, followed at a distance by four little brats, clad in rags, it is true, but vigorous, sunburned, picturesque, bold-eyed, and riotous; thorough little imps, looking like angels.
Just wait, that's all, an' you'll be fool enough to get married some day, like me, an' then you'll get yours--an' it'll be brats, an' brats, an' brats, an' no more dancin', an' silk stockin's, an' three pairs of shoes at one time.