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Nasdaq: APPB) today announced the appointment of six new franchisees for its Rio Bravo Cantina concept, increasing the current number of franchisees to 15, all of which are successful, experienced Applebee's franchisees.
Sierra Bravo adds sophisticated web development to the end clients of its Partners, which include ad, design and marketing agencies nationwide, particularly in Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Milwaukee and San Francisco.
I've worked hard to elevate my game this year,'' Bravo said through an intepreter.
In 1931 Alvarez Bravo gave one of his images the title Optical Parable.
El Bravo Tamale's Black Bean, Chicken Mole and Red Chile Pork tamales will be available soon at a grocery store near you.
He was in the Biltmore, for another event, and is a personal friend of Bravo honoree Francisco Flores, then president of El Salvador.
When said Jeep breaks down, leaving Castro temporarily stranded, Bravo means to show inconvenience as a political statement.
It was a question of our future," Bravo, an imposing figure, says.
This year marks the 10th Bravo Awards ceremony, and the milestone could not be more fitting.
NEW YORK -- NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Bravo, the premier arts and entertainment network, is relaunching its popular arts education initiative, Bravo On With The Show, as a multi-layered affiliate community relations campaign catering to operator communities of all sizes.
NBC, locked in a heated battle with CBS for ratings supremacy, will acquire the Bravo cable entertainment network from Cablevision Systems Corp.
a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, has introduced three new Bravo machines.