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BRAWBooks, Reading, and Writing (Scotland, UK; children's literacy program)
BRAWBluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin
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It was necessary to have dry wood to keep the steam up to the adequate pressure, and on that day the poop, cabins, bunks, and the spare deck were sacrificed.
said Harvey, looking round the dark double tier of bunks as if he expected to find a cow there.
She got them to bed in the pirates' bunks pretty quickly, you may be sure; all but Peter, who strutted up and down on the deck, until at last he fell asleep by the side of Long Tom.
And so at last we turned into our narrow bunks, hopeful, happy and at peace with ourselves, our lives and our God, to awaken the following morning refreshed and still optimistic.
The children could be seen in the top bunks and on the top of the oven.
They squatted about and lay everywhere on the floor and on the long low bunks that ran the full length of the cabin
Or maybe that was a dream, too, and the awakening would be the changing of the watches, when he would drop down out of his bunk in the lurching forecastle and go up on deck, under the tropic stars, and take the wheel and feel the cool tradewind blowing through his flesh.
After a quick look around the room and a sniff of the bunk and under the bunk which informed him that Jerry was not present, Michael turned his attention to Kwaque.
By now the water in the cabin was up to the bunks, and the bed- clothes were sopping.
He's gone off his food again," Matt remarked from his bunk.
Slowly and steadily it rose, and slowly and steadily rose the swaddled head of the old man in the bunk to observe it.
And everywhere was in evidence the economy of space--the narrow bunks, the swinging tables, the incredible lockers.