BRBLBrewer's Blackbird (bird species Euphagus cyanocephalus)
BRBLBeinecke Rare Book Library (Yale University)
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Thereafter the enemy remained contented with ransacking and looting villages lying abandoned between the border and the BRBL Canal.
The BRBL can receive queries in real-time from registered email servers throughout the Internet using standard DNSBL communications protocols.
By opening the BRBL to the public, organizations across the globe will be able to quickly identify spam operations at the connection layer and stop spam in its tracks.
But by the time the situation cleared up, 16 Punjab and B Squadron 23 Cavalry deployed on the Amritsar Lahore axis had also been withdrawn from the Dograi Salient under orders of Headquarters 10 Division to the western side of BRBL Canal.
Thus, at the end of the war, 10 Division had two large salients east of the canal, one around Bhasin, the other from Kohali Distributary to the junction of the BRBL Canal and Lahore Branch UBDC.