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BRCBritish Retail Consortium
BRCBlack Rock City (Burning Man)
BRCBusiness Resource Center (Small Business Administration)
BRCBritish Red Cross
BRCBlue Ribbon Coalition
BRCBlack Radical Congress
BRCBesançon Racing Club (France)
BRCBrisbane Racing Club (Australia)
BRCBusiness Reply Card
BRCBrain Resource Company (Australia)
BRCBisexual Resource Center
BRCBiological Records Centre (UK)
BRCBritish Rabbit Council (UK)
BRCBureau of Radiation Control (Texas; Florida)
BRCBelow Regulatory Concern
BRCBilly-Ray Cyrus (singer)
BRCBudget Review Committee
BRCBiotechnology Research Center
BRCBoulder Rock Club (Colorado)
BRCBrown & Root Condor
BRCBusiness Research Center
BRCBelt Railway Company of Chicago
BRCBenefit Review Conference (workers' compensation)
BRCBig Remote Control
BRCBorder Rural Committee (South Africa)
BRCBanque Royale du Canada (French: Royal Bank of Canada)
BRCBrotherhood of Railway Carmen
BRCBlue Ridge Cable
BRCBaltimore Rowing Club
BRCBasic Reconnaissance Course
BRCSan Carlos De Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina International (Airport Code)
BRCBowery Residents' Committee, Inc.
BRCBevilacqua Research Corporation (Huntsville, AL)
BRCBurgher Recreation Club (cricket club in Sri Lanka)
BRCBooth Research Center (UConn)
BRCBilling Repair Card (railroad repair shop)
BRCBedford Rowing Club (UK)
BRCBaud Rate Converter
BRCBreakfast Roll Call
BRCBig Red Car (game, The Wiggles)
BRCBeans, Rice and Cheese
BRCBrussels Rap Convention (compilation album)
BRCBelgian Red Cross
BRCBase Recovery Course
BRCBusiness Repair Center (Bell)
BRCBiennial Report on Carcinogens
BRCBroadcast Rating Council
BRCBuilding Research Center (Jordan)
BRCBritish Rail Consortium
BRCBudget and Reporting Classification
BRCBase Radio Controller
BRCBase Restaurant Council
BRCBarents Regional Committee
BRCBrush Ranch Camps (New Mexico)
BRCBasic Reality Check
BRCChief Boilermaker (USN rating)
BRCBraconne Randos Club (French cycling group)
BRCBissett Resource Consultants, Ltd (Calgary, AB, Canada)
BRCBonab Research Centre (Iran)
BRCBroadcast Relay Channel
BRCBusiness Resource Consultants, Inc.
BRCBaseline Response Criteria
BRCBoard Retaining Clamp (limpet clamp; scaffolding)
BRCBusiness Resilience Consortium
BRCBiomedical Research Centre (various locations)
BRCBottom Right Corner
BRCBlue Ridge Council (South Carolina)
BRCBusiness Retail Card
BRCBreckenridge Resort Chamber (Colorado)
BRCBest Ranger Competition (US Army)
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The BRC was not constructed as a front for some existing party or formation that was outside of black America, but as a formation indigenous to black America and welcoming those committed to black liberation.
BRC is a leading global quality and food safety certification program.
BRC director general, Stephen Robertson, said: "While it's clear that some landlords have moved a long way, there's a significant proportion that have not.
We had a number of goals for updating the visitor experience at the Old State Capitol, and BRC was key in helping us craft and achieve our vision," said Mary Durusau, Director of Louisiana's Old State Capitol.
With retailers already paying more than any other sector in business rates, the supplements would add an extra 160m [pounds sterling] a year to their tax bills,' the BRC warned.
Helen Dickinson, head of retail at KPMG, which collates the figures on behalf of the BRC, said the promotional tactics used by retailers would ultimately hurt their financial performance.
For example, at one BRC GAO found that one or more of the data elements used to calculate the wait times--the date the BRC received the application, the earliest admission date offered to the veteran, and the date the veteran was admitted to the BRC--were missing from 31 percent of the records and incorrect in 13 percent of the records.
Mr Hawkins knows BRC well, having been a member of the consortium's board of management since 1997 and an active participant and past chairman of the BRC's food policy advisory group.
Board of governors decisions to render an advisory advertising opinion shall be referred to the BRC to develop a specific set of facts upon which the opinion will be based, comply with notice provisions in this procedure, and adopt a written advisory opinion applying the attorney advertising rules to the set of facts.
Quantum's Barbara Nelson reported in an exclusive interview that the BRC version will be shipping in general availability in March.