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BRCSBritish Red Cross Society (UK)
BRCSBangladesh Red Crescent Society (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)
BRCSBoca Raton Computer Society (Boca Raton, FL)
BRCSBusiness Residence Custom Service
BRCSBasic Reference Coordinate System
BRCSBistatic Radar Cross-Section
BRCSBase Recovery Communications System
BRCSSenior Chief Boilermaker (USN rating)
BRCSBaton Rouge Collection Service Inc (Baton Rouge, LA)
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Citizens and residents interested in volunteering with the BRCS can contact its Manama office on 17293171.
TABLE 2 1993-1994 Mayor's BRC, Recommended Temperature, and Lot Size Thresholds Number of BU (BU = 748 gallons) Charged at Low Initial Tier Price Lot Size (square feet) Summer Average Daily High Winter Summer ([degrees]C) < 7,500 <75 13 16 75-85 13 17 >85 13 17 7,500-10,999 <75 16 23 75-85 16 25 >85 16 26 11,000-17,499 <75 23 36 75-85 24 39 >85 24 40 > 17,499 <75 29 45 75-85 30 48 >85 30 49 1991-1992 City Council Approved Rate Design Threshold All lots All temperatures 22 28 Source: Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Water Rates (1994).
Clinicians at four BRCs were instructed to administer the FIMBA to veterans at preadmission and postdischarge interviews.
Sometimes, the BRCS can employ staff on secondment from their present employer.
GAO found that the average length of time VA reported that veterans wait for admission to BRCs was inaccurate.
Anyone wishing to help the BRCS can make a donation to The Queen Mother Memorial Fund by calling 020 7201 5070 or by writing to The Queen Mother Memorial Fund, British Red Cross, Freepost, London, SW1X 7BR.
I have discussed this project with Philippines Red Cross Society and we have got a good feedback from them to train Filipina maids in Bahrain," BRCS secretary general Dr Fauzi Ameen told the GDN.
The ministry is now coordinating with RCO and BRCS officials to provide the necessary medication and medical items, supplied by international organisations, Bahrain Red Crescent and The International Red Cross and Red Crescent", he said, pointing out that a medical team would deliver the relief-aid consignment the Nepalese authorities.
The societies like the BRCS work in such situations independently, but in this case, we urge them to complement us with their expertise so that we reach out as quickly as possible and minimise expenses in helping the people who are suffering.
It's actually one of 12 such BRCs that have been established by the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) across the state.
La BRCS consta de cuatro items con cinco categorias de respuesta tipo Likert: "no me describe en absoluto", "me describe poco", "ni poco ni mucho", "me describe bastante" y "me describe muy bien", que valoran la frecuencia de la estrategia de afrontamiento usada (por ejemplo "Busco formas creativas para cambiar las situaciones dificiles") y cuyas posibles puntuaciones totales fluctuan entre 4 y 20.