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BRCTBRCA1 C-Terminus
BRCTBlue Ribbon Commission on Transportation
BRCTBasic Rebel Clown Training (performance art)
BRCTBase Repair Cycle Time
BRCTBarham Radio Car Track (UK)
BRCTBangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims
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In BRCT, TETU effects arise when some markedness constraint is ranked lower than IO-faithfulness, hence not enforced generally in stems, but is ranked above BR-faithfulness, such that reduplicants will obey the markedness constraints at the expense of identity with the base (McCarthy and Prince 1994a, Alderete et al.
Because BRCT handles all reduplication, even total reduplication, with a RED morpheme that is in a BR correspondence relation with the base, BRCT predicts TETU effects for all types of reduplication, from partial to total.
This is just like the BRCT approach to TETU, in which total reduplicative identity is reduced to partial identity under the impetus of markedness considerations.
The antibody recognizes the C-terminal domain of the protein that corresponds to the BRCT (BRCA-1 C-terminal) domains.