BRDMBoyevaya Razvedyuatel'naya Dozornaya Meshina (Russian combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle)
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Although the acronym indicates a reconnaissance vehicle, it is not to be confused with the BRDM and BRDM-2 which are 4x4 light vehicles.
New BRDM armored-personnel-carriers, along with some of the newer artillery pieces, were spotted being unloaded at the port of Alexandria and later deployed along the Canal.
While a better carrier will never substitute for good training and tactics, the current Russian armored personnel carriers (BTR-80, BRDM, BMD, BMP-2, and MMT-LB) have long been considered underarmored.
The Russians originally relied on wheeled reconnaissance vehicles of the BRDM scout car family, some of which have been modified by Poland with mast-mounted sensor systems.
Section VI - delivery of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles BRDM.
The contract is for the supply of spare parts for combat vehicles in the range of 4 tasks - Problem # 1 - spare parts for BWP-1,- Task 2 - parts MTLB,- Task 3 - parts BRDM,- Problem # 4 - spare parts for T-72.