BRDPBaton Rouge Duplicating Products (Baton Rouge, LA)
BRDPBelize Rural Development Programme
BRDPBorder Router Discovery Protocol
BRDPBadia Research and Development Program (Jordan)
BRDPBahawalpur Rural Development Project (Pakistan)
BRDPBlue Ribbon Defense Panel
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Bidders can get BRDP in Dar es Salm throughout the bidding phase in TPDC offices till their slated release on 15th May, 2014, in the same city.
Pertaining to operational test and evaluation, however, the BRDP found that "Operational test and evaluation has been too infrequent, poorly designed and executed, and generally inadequate.
The BRDP also highlighted the lack of OT&E oversight in OSD as a "glaring deficiency" and reported that "In connection with test and evaluation, it should be emphasized that responsibilities for any evaluation function must be exercised independently.
Packard promptly began acting on the BRDP recommendations.