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BREDBusiness, Research and Economic Development
BREDBanque Régionale d'Escompte et de Dépôt (French bank)
BREdBachelor of Religious Education (also seen as BRE)
BREDBaton Rouge Earth Day (environmental education; Louisiana)
BREDBusiness-Driven Requirements Engineering and Design
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BRED Bank (Fiji) Limited (BBF) opened its maiden branch in Suva in November 2012.
I have worked hard on my sheep and their bloodlines; Whistler was bred from a home bred ewe using A.
They were never bred to one another--in fact they were essentially moved to opposite ends of the bay--but together they laid the foundation for the Chesapeake.
Golden eagles, although rare, are occasionally spotted across South Wales, but have never been bred in this country before.
Crossbred: An animal created bg mating two purebred or straight bred animals of different breeds, or mating a crossbred with an animal of a third breed.
In the past few hundred years, they have bred the species into roughly 400 varieties.
While Betsy Dresser's frozen bongo embryos may someday become wild antelope, and the National Zoo's golden lion tamarins may head for Brazil, most SSP animals will be bred solely to keep zoo populations alive and healthy.
Industrial turkeys are bred for maximum breast meat; they cannot breed naturally and must be artificially inseminated.
You may want to raise animals that are bred for beef or dairy, or you might want a dual purpose type of cow that provides enough milk for your family and also a good beef-type calf to butcher.
The Soft Feather section is made up of breeds which, although originating from the Jungle Fowl, have been developed by breeders in many different parts of the world and often named according to the areas or even towns and counties where they were bred, such as the Andalusian, Minorcas and Anconas, also British breeds such as the Sussex, Orpington and Scots Grey.