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BREINBescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland (Dutch: Entertainment Industry Rights Protection Netherlands; trade association)
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Soon after, KPN reached a deal with BREIN, according to which they were able to lift the ban on users who want to access the torrent site, (http://www.
com/censoring-the-pirate-bay-is-useless-research-shows-120413/; JEROEN VAN DER HAM, HENDRIK ROOD, COSMIN DUMITRU, RALPH KONING, NIELS SIJM, & CEES DE LAAT, REVIEW EN HERHALING BREIN STEEKPROEVEN 7-9, April 2012, 1, 18 (2012) http://staff.
So, we believe that political parties should be included in the ambit of the RTI-atleast the financial part of it," Brein said here today.
Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN expects the use of file-sharing websites, which also include 4shared, Rapidshare and Dutch website Spot-net, to fall quickly following the court decision.
After acknowledging IP addresses are personal data under Dutch data protection law, (244) the court's rejection of the order of disclosure has been based mainly on the fact that BREIN used an American company, MediaSentry, to collect the data about the infringers.
Gradient Gives Back Foundation and Maitland's Burgos & Brein Wealth Management Group Give Back to Families in Financial Need
Die wens van die spreker is dan: "o / om ooit te snoef deur sy snawel te straal met sy oog / sy brein glorieus uitspanselbindings te loof" (55).
However, there are institutions like The RIAA, BREIN and Adobe who have great track records.
Zahid Farooq, 16, of Brein in Nishat, was allegedly shot by security forces on February 5.
Herinnerings word dikwels fragmentaries weergegee--daar word bygevoeg, uitgelaat en deur die brein gemanipuleer om die trauma te verwerk, maar die gebeure bly vir die slagoffer die absolute waarheid.
Selfs na haar dood het sy steeds onwaardige behandeling ondergaan toe patoloe haar "eksotiese" private dele, haar brein en haar boude uitgesny het om dit te bestudeer.