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BRENBare Reactor Experiment, Nevada (Atomic Energy Commission)
BRENBlue Ridge Environmental Network (Salem, VA)
BRENBruno Enfield
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The Bren Mark I featured in this article is one of those manufactured in 1940 that somehow survived the disaster at Dunkirk.
Kerri Medel, Kerri Bren Creative Sewing & Design's sole proprietor, is a resident of Redding, CA.
In April 2013, Bren testified in front of the California State Assembly in support of AB219, a bill to ensure cancer patients have access to affordable oral chemotherapy treatments through health insurance.
The principal criticism of the Bren, and one surely rare in the annals of military history, was that it was too accurate.
Bren and pal Brendan had been enjoying the concert with model pal Alison Canavan before they were viciously attacked.
The Bren Gun, as it is usually called, with its distinctive curved box magazine on top, was priced at e1/4342.
The program exposes students to the intricacies of wind, solar and hydro power while teaching them how to use engineering software to design such projects, Bren said.
Hefyd roedd A Williams, Caergybi (ac eraill) yn sn am wneud chwiban bren.
There's not a mention in the papers or from Big Bren and Steve Cram on the day.
On Saturday Bren and I went shopping for the event.
The gun Don Johnson's character, Sonny Crockett, carried was a Bren Ten.