BRGMBureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (France)
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For BRGM, it will facilitate the production, dissemination and exploitation of data and methodological tools on global raw materials and their complete life cycle (from production to recycling), using technical and economic data.
On the other hand, the deep water tables in the River Thames, the Po and the sedimentary basins of Northern Europe have not suffered any dramatic decline from their initial levels this year, according to the experts at the BRGM.
France's BRGM wanted to sell part of its operations to Normandy Mining Ltd.
Para empeorar las cosas, el tribunal sello la demanda al valor original de casi el 25% de propiedad accionaria de BRGM.
Combining the skills and experience of BRGM and Normandy, the aim is to create a major new mining business operating in Africa, Europe and Latin America.
ORLEANS, France -- An OGC Interoperability Day was held Tuesday, 9 December, 2008, at BRGM in Orleans, France.
At the same time, the companies have settled a long-standing dispute with BRGM and Normandy Mining over ownership of Yanacocha and a separate Peruvian mining concern, Cedimin.
Subsequently the French BRGM further trenched and drilled the deposit, which is a stockwork gold resource, oxidised and altered from the surface with sulphides at depth.
Geogreen is a subsidiary of the IFP (French Petroleum Institute), Geostock (an underground hydrocarbon storage company) and BRGM (Bureau de Recherche Geologique et Miniere).
Owned 85% by Inco and 15% by BRGM, the Goro project is based on nickel laterite resources of more than 200M dry mt, averaging 1.
However, just about one year ago it established an agreement with BRGM to examine prospective international opportunities.