BRGMBureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (France)
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The mid- to long-term duration version of the proposed model is validated against experimental results obtained over a 200-h period on a 100m (328-ft) long serpentine HGHE located at the BRGM in Orleans, France.
IFP holds a 40% stake in the new company, GA[c]ostock another 40%, and BRGM 20%.
BRGM originally identified the Mayoko-Moussondji Iron Project by identifying 9km of elevated ridges prospective for hematite and magnetite rich itabirite iron mineralisation.
In France, the BRGM developed an exploration specialty for massive sulfide deposits by linking stratigraphy and alteration (Pouit 1989; Milesi and Lescuyer 1993).
The night before his meeting, all the windows of his Lima home had been blown out in a nearby Shining Path bomb blast, but, despite his honest appraisal of an overtly discouraging environment, he won another green light from Newmont and BRGM to break ground at Yanacocha.
This method of leaching was proven in 1993 in a pilot cobalt plant designed by the South African mining house, Gencor, and BRGM.
Francois Robida is Deputy Head of Information Systems and Technologies Division at BRGM, France's leading public institution involved in the Earth Science field for the sustainable management of natural resources and surface and subsurface risks.
The provision of airport shuttle services for BRGM moving personnel and external collaborators BRGM.
8km strike length by the BRGM with 16 percussion drill holes for a total 1,784m.
Regional mapping undertaken by BRGM in 1986 identified a NE-SW trending package of Archaean to Proterozoic age quartzitic metasediment, gneiss and amphibolite, as well as numerous itabirite units containing millimetre to centimetre thick bands of magnetite.
Exploration in the belt has been conducted largely by the BRGM and the Japanese Development Agency JICA.