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BRICKBATTop Priority Program
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However, as well as handing out the bouquets this week, there is a brickbat for Vauxhall, for mess-up of the month.
Zermatt, Borovets in Bulgaria and Courchevel in the French Alps each received brickbat Broken Ski awards.
Sheffield are the unfortunate winners of the brickbat of the week award after their cruel race scheduling last week that saw a 1hr 20min gap between the last of four supporting opens for the Owlerton Boomakers Standard final and the feature race itself.
And a brickbat, too, for many of the home supporters in the Yugoslavia match.
The bouquet was ordered, but it will have to be a brickbat instead as heat five was a once-only affair due the proximity of a South African horserace - or was it virtual Afghan racing?
BRICKBAT IN THE WALL: The messages about Yoko's artwork at Tate Liverpool; ARTIST: Yoko; KEEPING MUM: One of the messages on the wall
The purpose of my bouquet piece is to ensure that I say something positive each week, but the Meldrew in me is taking over, and I can't resist the overwhelming desire to award a brickbat as well.
Well done Newmarket (you narrowly missed a brickbat for the layout of the Guineas course).
CRAIG Oliver, David Cameron's communications chief, has been happy to let the Aussie election "guru" Lynton Crosby take the brickbats for the listless Conservative campaign.
Froome had to deal with brick-brickbats and continual Froome had to deal with brickbats and continual questions over his -ances in winning the 100th questions over his performances in winning the 100th Tour last summer and his arrival in Yorkshire coincided with the news that his friend and former team-mate Daryl Impey had tested positive for Probecenid after February's South African Championships.
Theformerpupil of Kittybrewster primary was forced to ignore brickbats from fellow drinkers.
And, as always, I want to say a huge thank you to you guys - for the compliments, the support and even the brickbats.