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BRIGSBusiness Related Infrastructure Grant Scheme
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I have never felt such pity for any one in this wide world as I felt for that half-witted creature, and it began to come over me that the brig Covenant (for all her pious name) was little better than a hell upon the seas.
There was not a child on board the brig that night who did not already love him.
But, for the sake of the good brig, I stand ready to do my best.
But as nothing like the brig ever swam the ocean, so I am determined she shall have such a figure-head as old Neptune never saw in his life.
To start with, African countries must identify the sectors and areas that the BRIGS should invest in as part of long-term integrated economic and infrastructure development plans.
Sadly, African countries continue to export cheap raw materials to the BRICS, while the BRIGS export labour-intensive manufactured and benefi-ciateLproducts to Africa.
Work, training and rehabilitation programs are crucial to the success of any confinement facility, and brig personnel continually seek out ways to assist offenders in returning to service or society as more productive members.
The Camp Lejeune Brig is a Level II military confinement facility housing a unique population of both pre- and post-trial inmates, which is required by secretary of the Navy policy to separate housing for each of these statuses.
Our reading of The Brig is polemical and allegorical.
The Brig is perhaps Mekas's most concentrated textual
The feds then spirited him from New York to the naval brig in Charleston, South Carolina.
Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Augusta Vistavilla specifically chose brig duty to concentrate on developing his leadership skills.