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BRMSBusiness Rule Management Systems
BRMSBackup Recovery and Media Services
BRMSBusiness Risk Management Solutions (Keane; Wayne, PA)
BRMSBarracks Row Main Street (Washington, DC)
BRMSBlue Ridge Middle School (various locations)
BRMSBlackmon Road Middle School (Columbus, GA)
BRMSBackup and Recovery Media Service
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In addition, it was confirmed that tables of conditions extracted from large-scale programs of actual systems could be processed into BRMS rules.
With IT backlogs of change requests that may take months to deliver, a BRMS helps change business logic in hours not months.
JBoss BPM Suite is a platform for business process management that includes all the capabilities of JBoss BRMS and adds support for modeling, automation, simulation, and monitoring of business processes.
com) 5 BRMS, and has realized a 20 percent increase in staff productivity.
JBoss Enterprise BRMS is designed to give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace by helping them increase revenue, offer relevant products and services faster and improve customer satisfaction, all while reducing their overall IT costs," said Craig Muzilla, vice president, Middleware Business Unit, Red Hat.
ILOG's track record as a BRMS provider and the support we received from ILOG were also deciding factors for us choosing JRules.
In claim processing, a BRMS provides a repository for the business policies and the business logic that governs the claim-handling processes.
According to the company, ILOG's BRMS will help enable ANZ improve the automation of its residential mortgage applications.
The Risk-Based Capital Allocation Module is intended to provide up-to-the-minute capital-to-risk evaluations driven by the input of data from risk management, compliance and actuarial departments, Keane BRMS said.
As part of Tavant's mortgage industry solutions, ILOG's BRMS family of products offer companies increased competitiveness by helping them capture market opportunities more efficiently, shorten the time it takes to roll out new products, match mortgage products to customers based on a full customer profile automatically and in real time, and automate identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
The company has also been twice-named the BRMS market leader by IT research firm IDC.
Simply put, BRMS is software that enables other application logic to change more flexibly and quickly.