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BRNABlue Ridge Numismatic Association (South Carolina)
BRNABridge Road Neighborhood Association (Charleston, WV)
BRNABell Rings/No Answer (telecommunications industry)
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Souhrnny rozpocet statutarniho mesta Brna za rok 2011, In: Brno [online].
Culture institution National City Theatre Brno Theatre Philharmonic orchestra Overall attendance 308 163 311 662 75 884 Overall budget (CZK) 377 133 237 257 483 000 82 317 487 Subsidy from city's 234 499 000 143 068 000 58 442 000 budget (CZK) Self-sufficiency (%) 21,9 36,8 26 Occupancy rate (%) 80 96 70,14 Source: Own work based on Program rozvoje kultury mesta Brna a jeho evaluace, 2012.
The research presented addresses the issue of subject-constructed representations of domain knowledge and is concerned with the role of external representations (ER) in problem solving (Cox, & Brna, 1995).
Such systems provide task-oriented access to knowledge and represent a different way of knowledge transfer, as discussed in the introduction and backed in Davis (1988); Cox & Brna (1995); Kinshuk et al.
Resa Brna, a chemist at Air Quality Services, Pittsburgh, says-"I have always wanted to be a chemist, even when I was told by my high school guidance counselor that I couldn't.
The DEVRL' project is aimed at providing students with a generic Virtual Laboratory where users will be able to build their own dynamic worlds and manipulate the world's physics (Aspin & Brna, 1997).
However, here we will apply Zeltzer's model of analysis (1992), followed by a more detailed analysis as suggested by Whitlock, Brna, and Holland (1996).
Implementing agency : Dopravn podnik mesta Brna, a.
slavkov u brna, brno-idenice - brno-slatina "is to provide a substitute bus service replacing temporarily suspended public rail passenger transport on line 340 in the expected date from 9.
The reason for its extension and strengthening is the transition of voice and data communication between the vehicles and the employees of the dopravn podnik mesta brna, As in the management of public transport traffic from the existing analogue network of the mpt standard to the radio network of the tetra standard (etsi ts 100392-15 digital radio system) .