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BROABritish Rig Owners Association
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BROA entrega a traves del agente de interfaz un listado de objetos recomendados al usuario, que son aquellos OA que se adaptan a su estilo de aprendizaje, caracteristicas, necesidades y preferencias.
No caminho parava num boteco pe-de-chinelo para tomar cafe com broa onde tinha um cartaz na porta: "Mulher aqui so diz tres coisas: 'Xo, galinha', 'Entra, menino' e 'Sim, senhor'".
Em todos os quarteis tem a sua disposicao e a vontade, broa ou pao de milho.
It is also important to pursue theoretical discussion within the broa d socialist feminist perspective regarding the relationship between class and other aspects of identity and the meaning of "material" and "economic.
One possibility is public health collaborations affect a relatively small proportion of the population when it comes to access and that access for the population in general is more dependent on broa der community functioning.
We've done a number of deals with other properties--Prodigy, for instance--and some of the broadband people to get content on their site, especially broa dband content.
Portuguese breads are soft, sweet, and delicious, so be certain to sample broa de Avintes (corn bread), pao doce (sweet rolls), or pao (bread) along with your tea or coffee.
The peak maxima in the loss modulus plots was broa der and some 30[degrees]C below that of bitumen itself.
E, seguindo as regras de Anfitriao --beber apos ter comido o que e solido, a carne e o pao--Agarrou uma broa, cortou uma fatia e passou ao vizinho.
After the election, Broa dwell conceded that many of the paid signature gatherers used catch-phrases that enticed voters to sign the petition.
In other words, we computed comparable regressions using the same independent variables, but altered the dependent variable to represent broa d academic field of earned doctorate.