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BROACHBomb Royal Ordnance Augmenting Charge
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The type of broach tool (internal or surface) immediately narrows down the kinds of machines that could be used.
In the past, broach machines came equipped with a system of switches and relays that controlled the length of the stroke, but were not easily or quickly reconfigurable.
Mr Jones explains, "The operator simply drops the part into a chute that automatically loads the workpiece onto the table, the broach cycles, the part is unloaded, and a carousel transfers it to the next station in the cell.
Because the largest outside diameter of the piece is greater than that of the spline, the broach has to stop dead after cutting the spline and retrace its steps.
Formerly, gullets were cut by milling, with the broach in the unhardened condition.
This was the experience of the Weldon Tool Co when it installed a broach to machine flats onto cylindrical surfaces of end mill shanks.
Maximum cut depth is a function of overall broach length and tooth taper.
The mechanism that pushes workpieces through the pot broach also produces splines and special external toothed forms.
Now one broaching company, General Broach & Engineering Co, Mt Clemens, MI, has put its money where its mouth is.
Contract awarded for broach blades-54-c-20764/3 & 4.