BROIBattlefield Return On Investment
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We have some outstanding players like our captain Mohammad Salem, who scored 12 goals last season as one of the top local scorers from his position in midfield, Nigerian striker Abbass Muyiwa Lawal, our top scorer with 14 goals, our new striker Brois Kabi from Ivory Coast and our new midfielder Mohammad Bin Rabih, who is with his country's national team at the moment and will join us next week," he added.
Guilaine importantly reveals the most recent evidence from Parekklishia-Shillourokambos, and unravels the complex phasing of the site whilst Brois discusses the utilisation of local resources in the production of lithics, and the origins of collective burials are sought out by Crubezy, Vigne, Guilaine, Giraud, Gerard and Brois.
2, Judge Brois Gladko said: "We have to get rid of this headache for the administration".