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BROODBasset Rescue of Old Dominion (Virginia)
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Lord, man, if you should once get fairly beset by a brood of grizzly bears, as happened to Hector and I, at the great falls of the Miss--Ah, here comes the tail of the herd, and yonder goes a pack of hungry wolves, ready to pick up the sick, or such as get a disjointed neck by a tumble.
If," he continued, laying his finger on his cheek, like one who considered deeply all sides of the embarrassing situation in which he found himself,--"if an invention could be framed, which would set these Siouxes and the brood of the squatter by the ears, then might we come in, like the buzzards after a fight atween the beasts, and pick up the gleanings of the ground--there are Pawnees nigh us, too
These buffaloes have crossed their path, and in chasing the animals, bad luck has led them in open sight of the hill on which the brood of Ishmael have harboured.
Not for gold or silver, but for flesh and blood: let me again this evening speak with the bridegroom in his chamber, and I will give thee the whole brood.
Daily life in a house where there are young and old is full of curious little ceremonies and pieties, which are discharged quite punctually, though the meaning of them is obscure, and a mystery has come to brood over them which lends even a superstitious charm to their performance.
Never mind, Tom, I'll get you another brood to-morrow.
The licence move was dismissed by the RSPB, which said: "The idea that brood management is about helping hen harriers is nonsense.
Brood management will only take place with the permission of the land owner.
2009) on the interior wall of a specialized brood tube constructed by the mother from mucus and sand grains (Grassle and Grassle, 1976; Biggers and Laufer, 1999; Seaver et al.
We are proud of our swans on Quinton Pool, And to keep them safe should be our rule, So we'll enjoy watching this new brood grow, As they give us so much pleasure we know.
A high-class racer in her time, Razldazl Pearl was an even better brood and was a wonderful servant for Ruth and owner Liam Marks.