BRQBandwidth Change Request
BRQBrno, Czech Republic - Turany (Airport Code)
BRQBandwidth Request
BRQBurst-Resistant Quality (gymnastic inflatable balls)
BRQBrace Questionnaire (orthopedic patient survey)
BRQBusiness Renaissance Quarterly (Business Renaissance Institute)
BRQBiennial Reports Questionnaire
BRQBulletin de Renseignements Quotidiens (French: Daily Information Bulletin)
BRQBouteilles Recyclées du Québec (French; Canadian bottle distribution and recycling company)
BRQBraided River Quilters (Bellevue, NE)
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Research assistants interviewed parents within 4 weeks of preschool personnel administering the BRQ.
A description of the BRQ and its purpose was followed by role play by the research team, and then the preschool personnel broke into pairs to administer the BRQ to each other, with research team members circulating through the room to observe, give feedback, and answer questions.
Specificity, sensitivity, and positive predictive value were calculated for the BRQ scored using the simple scoring algorithm with the VAL as the comparative standard.
The SEQ-R and the BRQ were scored together, and three scores were calculated.
Evaluation of the extension by subjects interviewed, in relation to the quality relationship, the perceived fit and the name adopted (estimated mean evaluation) Level of BRQ Extension with low Extension with high perceived fit (pocket- perceived fit sized computer) (sportswear) Evaluation of Parent- Sub-brand Parent- Sub-brand the extension brand brand Low BRQ 3,48 3,40 4,89 5,00 High BRQ 5,02 5,83 6,1 5,7
VanguardMS had already established a well-organized, well-documented methodology that was aligned with our certification criteria," said Eileen McIntyre, vice president of registration services, BRQ.
It was six years ago that BRQ was chosen to take forward the development from a "very exciting shortlist".
PROJECT: Waste ground near Vulcan Street, left, and Tuesday's report on the collapse of the BRQ scheme Picture by KATIE LUNN CHANGES: The scene at Middlehaven in 1999, top, the pounds 68m Middlesbrough College building, which opened in 2008, centre, and an impression of the proposed pounds 10m neurological centre
But he says it creates an opportunity for a new developer to move in A BRQ spokeswoman said: "We are there (Middlehaven) until the CIAC building is completed.
But she confirmed there would be no more building under the BRQ banner and that Quintain is now "going to concentrate on its London interests".
The winding up of BRQ nationally is disappointing as they have created a fine building here in Middlesbrough.