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BRTBus Rapid Transit
BRTBusiness Roundtable
BRTBe Right There (chat)
BRTBiratnagar (Nepal)
BRTBruttoregistertonnen (German: Gross Register Tons)
BRTBrotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (railroad union merged into United Transportation Union in late 1960s)
BRTBathurst Island, Northern Territory, Australia (Airport Code)
BRTBrasilia Time (Brazilian time zone standard)
BRTBus Rapid Transportation
BRTBig Red Truck
BRTBias Resistor Transistor
BRTBarrier Removal Team
BRTBack Room Technician
BRTBoned Rolled and Tied (meats)
BRTBritish Rail Telecommunications
BRTBig Round Thing
BRTBasic Rescue Training (Singapore)
BRTBrooklyn Rapid Transit Corporation
BRTBusiness and Restricted Technology (information)
BRTBaltic Rubber Trade (Riga, Latvia)
BRTBrigade Recon Team
BRTBrian Racing Team (France)
BRTBanaue Rice Terraces (Ifugao, Philippines)
BRTBocquet Racing Team (France)
BRTBird-Buffer Real Time
BRTBuild a Relationship of Trust (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints missionary training)
BRTBankers Roundtable
BRTBachelor of Recreation and Tourism
BRTBoetti Racing Team (France)
BRTBra Removal Time
BRTBattleground Rail-Trail (North Carolina)
BRTBehavioral Response Team (various organizations)
BRTBoutoille Racing Team (France)
BRTBrevet du Randonneur Tourangeau (French hiking award)
BRTBibollet Racing Team (France)
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Market Analysis III-65Current & Future Analysis III-65Market Overview III-65Table 56: BRT in Australia: A Comparison of Key BRTParameters - Number of Corridors, Length of BRT Systems andPassenger Throughput by City (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) III-65O-Bahn - The Erstwhile Global Leader in BRT III-66B.
In the second phase of BRT, buses would move in the extreme left lanes, unlike in the centre lanes in the first phase of BRT between Ambedkar Nagar and Moolchand.
At BRT, transactions involving new acquisition loans are far less numerous than the refinancing of debt or obtaining loans to turn properties to alternate uses, such as conversion of industrial or commercial buildings into residential, re-tenanting retail space, etc.
In Chicago, the Foundation has been supporting the city's efforts to develop a city-wide BRT system for several years.
Ranking on the PROFIT 200 validates the substantial value of our services to the manufacturers," says Marco Bertolucci, President of BRT Solutions.
BRT International started trading in July 2009 by the partnership of Tony Yeo and Tony Rosser.
Perhaps there are still some skeptics who have not grasped the concept of BRT and its different stages and areas one at the time, but GAM is working hard to complete this project as to serve people in the best way," he concluded
The 32 km long BRT project is being implemented on three main routes in Amman; the first from Sweileh Circle to Al-Mahatta via the University of Jordan, Sports City, Al-Shahid and Al-Istiqlal streets; the second will link Ras El-Ein with Sports City via Princess Basma street and the Fifth Circle, while the third will operate between Al-Mahatta and Customs Square via Al-Yarmouk street and Middle East square.
While not referring to the dialect issue yesterday, Talat complained that BRT exaggerated the achievements of the 'government' while pushing himself and opposition parties out of the limelight.
The report emphasizes that decisions on whether and where to build BRT systems must be based on a demonstrated need, and not on preconceptions: `BRT should be developed as an outgrowth of a planning and development process that stresses problems and demonstrated needs rather than solution advocacy.
Because BRT builds on existing infrastructure and has a high carrying capacity, it can be more economical than light rail.
a leading global provider of commercial and consumer finance solutions, and BRT Realty Trust, a mortgage-oriented real estate investment trust, today announced that they have entered into a strategic relationship.