BRTIBadan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Body)
BRTIBaylor Regional Transplant Institute (Baylor University; Texas)
BRTIBirmingham Ramallah Twinning Initiative
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In the BRTI program, 151 pancreas transplants were performed in 147 patients between 1995 and 2008: 135 were SPK, 10 were PAK, and 6 were PTA.
BRTI is a high-volume center, performing 20 to 30 pancreas transplants yearly.
Though the BRTI group is skilled in liver and kidney transplantation, the pancreas transplant procedure is confined to a core group.
The immediate postoperative cardiac complication rate at BRTI in the past 10 years is minimal due to established selection criteria.
Successful pancreas transplantation at BRTI has rapidly become a recognized mode of effectively stopping the progression of diabetes.
Hence, the BRTI does not have a firm, legitimate basis.
Furthermore, BRTI only has the authority to regulate network provider and basic telecommunication services due for competition.
Although things have changed with the BRTI, the DGPT to-date has no mechanism and process for ensuring transparency and fairness in each unveiled regulation.
The BRTI committee members selection process is also questionable, and it remains doubtful whether candidates were selected based on the requirement criteria.
Even the set up of the BRTI has not reduced regulatory risks or attracted investment.
Authority delegation to local government is a crucial to the success of local market liberalisation; especially the authority to grant local licenses according to selection criteria and mechanisms determined by the BRTI.