BRTSBus Rapid Transit System (India)
BRTSBilateration Ranging and Tracking System
BRTSBilateral Ranging Transponder System
BRTSBi-Lateration Ranging Transponder System
BRTSBioradiotelemetric System
BRTSBaltic Reformed Theology Seminary
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The BRTS project would facilitate the Karachiites in travelling locally, which is expected for inauguration by the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, next month.
Officials too, on the occasion, discussed the problems faced by them in clearing the land area for developing dedicated lanes for the BRTS corridor.
Further, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), the agency undertaking the project, has also ordered 225 low floor and semi low floor, AC and non AC buses for rolling out on the BRTS corridor.
He issued these instructions, while presiding over a meeting in his office to review the coordinated efforts linked to BRTS, said a statement on Tuesday.
But, due to the government's indecisiveness and as the BRTS is caught in inter-departmental wrangling the project has been left in limbo.
The planned BRTS between Hebbal and Silk Board Junction (30 km) was proposed to provide two dedicated bus lanes on the busy ORR that has emerged as a high-traffic corridor flanked by leading tech companies on either side.
The top bureaucracy of the State is split along BRTS and Metro camps, with chief secretary Kaushik Mukherjee on the latter's side.
According to bureaucrats, it is not feasible to have both - BRTS and Metro line.
Tenders are invited for Supplying and fixing Flex at various bus station of BRTS Bus Station in Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd.
Tender For Supplying Material & Labour for Reparing of Flooring tiles, Docking stone, Curbing, Central verge, Nosing, and other civil work on BRTS route.