BRUVSBaited Remote Underwater Video Stations (underwater research; Australia)
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Nearly all BRUVS studies now use an approach called MinCount (or MaxN or MaxNo) to index the number of individuals of various species present at a site (Ellis and DeMartini, 1995; Murphy and Jenkins, 2010).
For many such studies, BRUVS have been used and have provided an index of the abundance of various species through the use of a stationary point-count with the MinCount method (Ellis and DeMartini, 1995; Willis et ah, 2000; Murphy and Jenkins, 2010).
Clearly, researchers must carefully consider the behavior of their target species when designing a BRUVS sampling strategy with a MeanCount approach, for instance, by allocating significantly more video-reading effort if fast-moving, infrequently encountered species are targeted.