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BRXBusiness Referral Exchange
BRXBrightRoll Exchange (San Francisco, CA)
BRXBrevis radix (gene of Arabidopsis thaliana)
BRXBig Red X (game)
BRXBronze Cross (lifesaving)
BRXBureau for External Relations (UNESCO)
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13 -0- The samples selected are representative samples from six of the 121 holes drilled by IPM earlier this year on the first of six 1 square kilometer BRX grids.
Previously IPM stated that it has initiated a number of gold recovery and assay test programs of BRX material.
Although disappointing, the failure to recover a precious metal concentrate from the bulk sample does not detract from the quality and quantity of the scientific evidence attained to date regarding the presence of gold and platinum at BRX.
The exploration drilling was within the basin section of BRX where IPM has set out six one square kilometer grids for development.
The samples, taken from four widely spaced drill holes, were a composite representation of the 50 million tons of material contained within the first BRX one square kilometer grid.
The BRX zone is the most southerly mineralized zone discovered at Rockhaven's wholly-owned Klaza gold-silver property located in the Dawson Gold Belt of southern Yukon.
The model will share some of its technical parts with the Cadillac BRX.
The car has been built in co-operation with Subaru, who have their own version - the Subaru BRX - and flat fours are a Subaru trademark.
Lord Jones receives his award from Harj Sandher; Networking Group of the Year - Ian Vickers and Sam Thiara with sponsors Icon Business Solutions and members of BRX Birmingham North.
The model is to share its platform with the upcoming Cadillac BRX.