BS-LABit Selection-Location Address
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AN/TTC-56(V) 1 Single Shelter Switch Configuration and Programming Programming: DTG DTG Number 12 Starting Address BS-LA Number of Channels 32 TED Number No Synchronization Delay Yes Channel Rate16 Kbps Group Rate 576 Kbpps Multiplex Signal Format 1 Subgroup 1 Rate 0 Subgroup 2 Rate 0 Subgroup 3 Rate 0 Service State ln Modulator Cable Length 3 Demodulator Cable Length 1/4 Modulation Diphase Repeater Mode No Red Group Clock No Recover Time No DTG Release Timer 0 Output Type Normal Subscriber Services: Preaffiliation Action 2 List Number (Blank) Directory Number LNXXXXX (620-1211/12/14/15/16/17-use spares to avoid affiliating duplicate numbers) for slots Al and A2 of the LTU (Allows Spider to call U.