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BS2000Betriebssystem 2000 (Operation System 2000, Siemens-Nixdorf AG)
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The server is claimed to feel like a mainframe with all of the BS2000 administration and automation features while SAP, Oracle and other applications run on the Unix processors in a sandbox.
Siemens, which has sold 200 of the Reliant mainframe servers, runs BS2000 under emulation while a controller runs Unix on separate CPUs.
1 include improved installation and "flow" procedures, as well as general availability of Natural Data Upload / Download and BS2000 Telnet Interface capabilities.
These two important applications were developed in the 1990s in COBOL, UTM and UDS on BS2000.
The two extensive applications have been built in the 1990s with COBOL, UTM and UDS to BS2000.
Purchase and maintenance of a mainframe computer in the SE line of the company Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH with a BS2000 operating system and a computing power of 480rpf.
To the result of the detachment of BS2000 now under Oracle / Solaris as a data body
In urban data center currently a BS2000 mainframe system is operated.
well with data from other sources (surveys of road freight transport operating companies, data from the European Statistical Office, data of the institutions that are in the motor vehicle SachverstEnndigenwesen work) associated with the data of the Central Registry of the KBA in connection statistics prepared and published The result of the detachment of BS2000 now under Oracle / Solaris as a body of data available statistics are the future with modern statistical tools to: .
There is a need for citywide services for application integration BS2000.