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BS2000Betriebssystem 2000 (Operation System 2000, Siemens-Nixdorf AG)
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I also intend to bring in the slips from a BS2000 and educate the customers beforehand, explaining the benefits of the system to them.
0, effectively BS2000 minus its communications infrastructure.
It has already ported the BS2000 mainframe operating system from its CMOS servers onto the MIPS RISC chips which power its Reliant Unix servers and has begun the work on porting it to Intel using a mechanism it calls DOCT, the same it used to get BS2000 up on MIPS in the first place.
Mia Vermeir, Finance Director of the city of Brussels, justifies the migration through their need to work with up-to-date technologies (graphical user interface, data accessibility O), the urgency to eliminate their technical dependence on the BS2000 platform and the savings that will be generated through a reduction in operational costs.
On Friday, 4500 LCM staff were using programs running on the BS2000 mainframe, and when business resumed the next working day, all operations continued but then on a HP/UX Unix system.
The two extensive applications have been built in the 1990s with COBOL, UTM and UDS to BS2000.
First Sense Fujitsu Siemens Computers DeskView Fujitsu Siemens Computers R/3 Live Monitor Fujitsu Siemens Computers ServerView Fujitsu Siemens Computers BS2000 Management Agent Hewlett-Packard Co.
This suggests the company's success has less to do with any outstanding merit of the Siemens' BS2000 environment compared with IBM's OS/390, and more to do with the general slow down in OS/390 and other proprietary OS sales.
Legacy mainframe and mid-range platforms including BS2000, Bull GCOS, DEC VAX, DG, HP3000, ICL VME, Tandem, Unisys A series, Unisys 2200 and Wang
Purchase and maintenance of a mainframe computer in the SE line of the company Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH with a BS2000 operating system and a computing power of 480rpf.
The move should ensure some extra shelf life for BS2000 environments, which are mostly limited to the operations of a few hundred large German customers, but Siemens is also hopeful that the MIPS and IA-64 escape routes might even encourage a little growth among the 3,000 BS2000 licenses currently in the market.