BS6Blue Submarine No. 6 (anime)
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Three cranidia (NIGP152242, 152244, 152247) and three pygidia, (NIGP152243, 152245, 152246) from level BS6, Section 1; two cranidia (NIGP152250, 152251) and one pygidium (NIGP152249) from level BT4, Section 2.
Three cranidia (NIGP152294-152296) from level BS6, Section 1.
The first model is the BS6, a large saloon styled by Giorgio Giugiaro's ItalDesign organisation and with ride and handling "optimised" by Porsche.
Later this year the BS6 will be followed by the smaller BS4 mid-range saloon and a coupe called BC3.
If YOU would like to help, Hector lives at 4 Fairlawn Road, Bristol BS6 5JR.
Alan Duff, 10 Clyde Road, Redland Bristol, BS6 6RP.
Ltd > > > APO Yangzijiang shipbuilding > > > BS6 Yongye International Inc.
One just has to view the disturbing crash test video compiled by Germany's ADAC auto club in June when it conducted a 40-mph offset frontal crash test on a Chinese-made Brilliance BS6 sedan to realize we could be in for some serious problems if China doesn't get its act together when it comes to product safety.
gt; > 720 > SEHK Wonder Auto > > WATG > Nasdaq Xinjiang Tianhai Oasis Technology > > Private > Yangzijiang Shipbuilding > > BS6 > SGX Yongye International, Inc.