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BSACBritish Sub-Aqua Club
BSACBritish Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
BSACBritish South Africa Company (founded by Cecil John Rhodes for the colonisation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia)
BSACBerkeley Sensor and Actuator Center
BSACBit-Sliced Arithmetic Coding (audio coding algorithm)
BSACBiotechnology Science Advisory Committee (EPA)
BSACBass Strait Aquatic Club (Rye on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)
BSACBoating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC)
BSACBenedictine Study and Arts Centre (London, UK)
BSACBlack Swamp Area Council (Boy Scouts of America; Ohio)
BSACBiotechnology Science Advisory Council
BSACBinary Symmetric Averaged Channel
BSACBellingham Senior Activity Center (Bellingham, WA)
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5 Due to unavailability of clinical breakpoints for tigecycline, fosfomycin and fusidic acid in CLSI, susceptibilities were interpreted according to BSAC.
Phil, 37, a BSAC Direct member and Open Water Instructor from Cannock captured underwater footage of the Highballs on a previous dive at Lock Striven back in 2010.
We are absolutely delighted that this highly skilled team of BSAC divers has been able to bring this iconic piece of military heritage to the surface so the story can be shared with future generations.
After taking up diving in 1960, Ray was posted to Cyprus in 1964 and was a regular diverwith BSAC during and attained further qualifications during three tours.
BSAC is the national governing body for scuba diving and is made up of 120 dive centres and 1,000 plus family friendly and sociable clubs, run by volunteers, up and down the country and abroad.
Tom, a student at Halesowen College, said: "It was fantastic to be part of the BSAC scuba diving team and a once-in-alifetime opportunity to be there.
Joining 100 BSAC members, including the three young members from Wales, the prince took the plunge himself at the event, held at the Oasis lido in London's West End.
In accord with the recommendations of BSAC, EUCAST, and CLSI, we consider that none of the susceptibility tests and interpretive criteria can give accurate results, so the clinical response should be followed up carefully in cases of giving tigecycline to a patient with an infection caused by A.
BSAC is a citywide body of student leaders representing most high schools in the Boston Public Schools.
A SALTBURN scuba diving club - Cleveland Divers BSAC branch 978 - has been awarded a PS10,000 grant from Sports England lottery funds.
It is ironic that there should be any attempt to restrict amateur diving in any proposed Marine Conservation Zones as without [diving and conservation organisations] BSAC, WASAC and MCS our politicians and the general public would never have become aware of the destruction caused to our underwater world by international plough dragging of our seabeds for shellfish.
He and his wife, Liz Sowinska, a doctor at Corniche Hospital, became active in outdoor pursuits, initially as very keen BSAC divers at the Club, then enjoying the thrills of windsurfing on the Corniche, sailing in their Dufour T7, and visiting Nepal regularly for treks in remote Himalayan areas.