BSAMBasic Software Acquisition Management
BSAMBasic Synchronous Access Method
BSAMBear Stearns Asset Management
BSAMBasic Sequential Access Method
BSAMBanff School of Advanced Management (Canada)
BSAMBusiness Subject Area Model
BSAMBasic Software Acquisition Management course (at IRMC/DSMC also known as SAM 101)
BSAMBachelor of Shuddha Ayurvedic Medicine
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Canada and Monterrey Manufacturing Group (BAMG), to the newly created position of chief information officer, BSAM.
In 2004, as chairman and CEO of Bridgestone Americas Holding (as BSAM was known at that time), he assumed responsibility for the Bridgestone Group's Americas operations, which include North, Central and South America.
Keeping motorists safe on the roads is everyone's responsibility," said BSAM Executive Director for Communications Dan MacDonald, who directs outreach efforts for Bridgestone Americas' driver safety education initiatives.
Triple-Y is managed by a team of fixed income professionals at BSAM, led by senior portfolio manager Scott Pavlak.
BSAM currently oversees twelve CDOs consisting of high-grade structured finance, mezzanine structured finance and CDO-squared issue types.
Leila Heckman, Senior Managing Director of BSAM said, "We are very pleased to have Dr.
The rating action is a result of concerns stemming from recent significant changes made to the BSAM High Grade Structured Credit Strategies' platform, including the unwinding of the team's hedge funds.
Third quarter results include approximately $200 million in losses and expenses related to the BSAM High-Grade hedge funds.
S&P's specific concerns over issues relating to certain hedge funds managed by BSAM are unwarranted as these were isolated incidences and are by no means an indication of broader issues at Bear Stearns.
Richard Marin, former BSAM chairman and chief executive officer, will remain with BSAM as a senior advisor to Mr.
BSAM continues to work with the creditors and counterparties of the High-Grade Structured Credit Enhanced Leverage Fund (Enhanced Fund) to facilitate an orderly de-leveraging of the fund in the marketplace.