BSAPBone-Specific Alkaline Phosphatase (lab test)
BSAPBritish South Africa Police (now defunct police force of Rhodesia; now ZRP, Zimbabwe Republic Police)
BSAPBasic Skills Assessment Program
BSAPBaby Space Adjustable Pouch (baby carrier)
BSAPBusiness Service Assistance Package
BSAPBachelor of Science in Applied Physics
BSAPBristol Standard Asynchronous/Synchronous Protocol (computer networking)
BSAPBaltic Sea Action Plan (Helsinki Commission; Finland)
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Ancak iki grup arasinda on kol median BSAP amplitudleri acisindan ise anlamli bir fark tespit edilmistir.
In 1893 the BSAP intervened in an internal Ndebele power struggle which led to the First Matabele War, during which Lobengula's warriors attack white settlements, inflicting a number of casaualties.
To this end, BSAP consists of the following modules: strategic theory, strategic art, joint and Army systems, national security decision-making, contemporary security challenges, and joint and Army planning.
Change From Baseline in Bone Turnover Markers Markers 2 months 4 months 6 months NTx (nmol)creatinine (mmol) ratio Zoledronic acid -31 -28 -25 Raloxifene -4 -4 -8 BSAP (U/L) Zoledronic acid -9 -11 -11 Raloxifene -1 -2 -2 Note: Based on a study of 110 postmenopausal women.
44]Ca [per thousand] Control NTX (b) nmol/d Alendronate NTX nmol/d Exercise NTX nmol/d Control BSAP (b) U/L Alendronate BSAP U/L Exercise BSAP U/L Control (d) Marker Mean change SD n [[delta].
The BSAP traced its origins to the local company police units, the Matabeleland Mounted Police and the Mashonaland Mounted Police, raised by the British South Africa Company in the 1890s to police and defend the Company's newly chartered territories.
n=32 for BSAP at Week 24 BSAP: Bone-specific alkaline phosphatase CTX: C-telopeptide P1NP: N-terminal propeptide of type-1 collagen OC: Osteocalcin
BSAP, PICP and PINP are all markers of bone formation, whereas DPD and NTX are markers of bone resorption.
BSAP reflects bone formation, while DPD reflects bone resorption.
Median change in CTx at Week 12 was a 31% reduction, and 50% of evaluable patients had decreased BSAP at Week 12 or later.
In addition to Modbus, BSAP was quite important, followed by ROC, with a few mentions of TCP/IP and DNP3.