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BSASBuenos Aires
BSASBritish Society of Animal Science
BSASBureau of Substance Abuse Services (Massachusetts)
BSASBoston Security Analysts Society
BSASBedside Shivering Assessment Scale (hypothermia)
BSASBachelor of Science in Applied Science
BSASBachelor of Science in Animal Science
BSASBachelor of Science in Applied Sociology
BSASBrazilian Society for the Advancement of Science
BSASBachelor of Science in Architectual Studies
BSASBachelor of Science in Architectual Science
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Mild-to-moderate shivering is described by a BSAS score of 1 or 2.
BSAS (Ronnestad & Purpose: Brief Supervisor and Lundquist, 2009) measure of Trainee Forms: 12 * Supervisor Form: supervisory items on a 6-point "I treat my alliance.
A comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics of smoking group and non-smoking group with BD showed that male sex, HLA-B51 positive patients, BSAS scores, EN, articular, ocular and neurological involvements were significantly higher in smoking group than non-smoking group (p < 0.
The daily average trading value on BSAS currently stands at MYR 1.
6) The BHPS, but not the BSAS or FES, asks specific questions relating to promotions and salary increments in each year, and we, therefore, augment our BHPS empirical analysis by including dummy variables to control for these factors.
For details of the British Sausage Appreciation Society and an entry form write to: Alison Cook, BSAS, PO Box 44, Winterhill House, Snowdon Drive, Milton Keynesm MK6 1AX.
BSAS oversaw the city's 44 publicly funded service contractors who operated at 39 sites throughout the city.
This began to change in the late 1990s, with analyses of BSAS (Bryson and McKay, 1997) and the Workplace Employee Relations Survey 1998 (WERS 98) (Gully et al.
For the BSAS, though, statistically significant factors were qualifications, disability, ethnicity and religious beliefs, so that the homicide survey only partially reiterates the BSAS findings.
The BSAS also criticized Greenspan's derivatives proposal, which differs from the FASB's.
We also have some evidence from BSAS that working conditions may be more unpleasant in the largest firms.
The department offers the BS in CS, BSAS in CIS and, through a cooperative program with mathematics, an MS in Mathematics with Computer Science option.