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BSBABachelor of Science in Business Administration (degree)
BSBABritish Small Boatbuilders Association
BSBABell Shoals Baptist Academy
BSBABrandenburgische Straßenbauamt
BSBABlack Sea Biotechnology Association (Sofia, Bulgaria)
BSBABrisbane South Baseball Association Inc.
BSBABenedictine Sisters Benevolent Association
BSBABritish Shingon Buddhist Association
BSBABreast Screening Batch Analysis
BSBABaltimore Study of Black Aging
BSBABayou State Bowhunters Association (Louisiana)
BSBABurnt Swamp Baptist Association
BSBABritish Sovereign Base Area
BSBABath Society of Botanical Artists (UK)
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The university's goal in developing its BSBA curriculum, which was largely designed by the Undergraduate Academic Council and approved by university administrators, was to ensure that graduates had a firm grounding in various topical areas that comprise the field of business.
These two steps consist of finding out first the customers' (in our case, students' and parents') priority values, and then getting those students and parents to rate our BSBA against other schools' BSBA program.
Danielson, CT: Stephanie Marie Lee, BSBA, summa cum laude; Heather M.
Beyond committing to work together towards improving standards and practices in Bangladesh, the BSBA and ABB have also outlined several areas within which to begin addressing the current challenges.
Students and alumni of Hamburger University that take advantage of this alliance are also eligible for a tuition reduction for the BSBA program at TUI, as well as a tuition reduction for the TUI Masters program.
Lanspa holds a BSBA from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.
He has a BSBA in business and economics from Appalachian State University, and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Students who are earning their two-year Associates Degree can immediately enroll in the BSBA program, continuing on with their studies without interruption from the same campus.
Now students can choose between the BBA and the BSBA.
Cummins holds a BSBA from Washington University in St.
He holds a BSBA from the Boston University School of Management.