BSBBBig Sister Big Brother
BSBBBig Sisters and Big Brothers
BSBBBiophysics, Structural Biology and Biomathematics
BSBBBurns School of Black Belts (UK)
BSBBBranch to Subroutine Byte (VAX)
BSBBBroad Street Boogie Band
BSBBBachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business
BSBBBond Street Blues Band
BSBBBahraini Saudi Bank, Bahrain
BSBBBefore Stress, Before Babies
BSBBBlue Streak Blues Band
BSBBBlue Spruce Bed and Breakfast (Oregon)
BSBBBread Soup and Beer Bar
BSBBBrass Swan Bed and Breakfast (Branson, Missouri)
BSBBBadger Short Bus Brigade (UW-Madison student football fans)
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BSBB is a beginner-level fall prevention exercise and education program that takes place for one hour, twice a week, over 12 weeks.
15) Although BSBB focused on physical activity, it was an expectation of the funding that the program also address the broader known fall prevention behaviours, such as annual medication reviews, vision checks and removal of home hazards.
Although BSBB was intended to be universal in nature, an equity lens was applied to ensure participation barriers were addressed for vulnerable older adults residing in Ottawa.
The partners capitalized on this existing relationship to implement BSBB as per the funding and time requirements.
Green strength - For equivalent compound viscosity the green strength of the BSBB 38 compound is about 20% greater than the compound with the low Mooney polymer.
Relaxation - On the average, BSBB 38 relaxes about 20% faster than BIIR 32.
Extrusion rate - On the average, BSBB 38 has an equivalent extrusion rate to that of the low viscosity bromobutyl and is about 20% faster than the high viscosity polymer.
To help the BSBB students with cash backing go to their gofundme page at http://www.
There was extra reason for the BSBB team to celebrate, with the addition of five new black belt recruits.
Isles has progressed from the kids class into the adult programme and in 2007 became an assistant instructor with BSBB, also teaching in all of their programmes.
Sansom's wife and two daughters all train at BSBB - eldest daughter Libby graduated to first dan status in June 2008.