BSBGBritish Shorthair Breeders Group (UK)
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BSBG has built a strong reputation for providing fully integrated design solutions that are informed, purposeful and innovative.
The Emirates Golf Club has lots of character and also a rich history; key factors that made us conscious of the fact that we shouldn't tamper with the shell, which in this case was the signature Bedouin-like appearance and ambiance," said Alistair McMillan, managing partner, BSBG.
Following this, the first section of the facility that BSBG addressed was the entrance area.
With this in mind, the BSBG design team set out to do a major revamp in design and concept for the family restaurant -- M's.
BSBG, Brewer Smith Brewer Gulf, the lead design, are a consultant that Humphrey noted, "we've worked with before, and its partly that collaboration that has allowed us to move as quickly as we have.