BSBIBotanical Society of the British Isles
BSBIBig Small Business Initiative (UK)
BSBIBachelor of Science in Bioinformatics (degree program)
BSBIBrith Shalom Beth Israel (Charleston, SC)
BSBIBachelor of Science in Business Informatics (degree program)
BSBIBig Sky Bible Institute (Bigfork, MT)
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Right after her grandmother's funeral, she went back to BSBI to continue her training.
The BSBI Foundation head agreed to send her to school.
Owing to the efforts of Slade, Vega, and BSBI, Eleanor was able to go to Divine Word College of Legazpi and also became a Commission of Higher Education (CHED) scholar, so her expenses were subsidized by the government.
Repeated measures analyses were then performed to compare the pre-treatment and follow-up scores on the BSBI and the CDI subscales of the same set of the participants that completed the follow-up.
In particular, the effect sizes obtained with the Distraction/Low Motivation, Activity Impulsivity and the medium subscales of the BSBI were 1.
The results also showed significant reductions in the levels of distractibility and low motivation at post-treatment relative to the pre-treatment measures as reported by the teachers in the BSBI.
The results of the regression analysis with the males' data showed that the only significant predictors were the Activity/Impulsivity and Depression Scales of the BSBI in the two significant models that were obtained.
The results of the discriminant analysis with the males scores showed that the Activity/Impulsivity Scale of the BSBI was the only measure entered that was found to be significant predicting membership in the groups.
In the one-way analyses of variance with the scores in each measure, significant differences between groups were obtained for the Irritability-Hostility, Distraction-Motivation, and Activity-Impulsiveness Scales of the BSBI in both males and females.
Our results indicate that the best predictors of aggressive behavior were impulsiveness and hyperactivity, as measured by the Activity/ Impulsivity Scale of the BSBI for both ADHD males and females Puerto Rican children.
BSBI director Karen Weech said: "The event gives small businesses a great opportunity to seek out support and advice for their businesses, as well as investigating the products available to help them along.