BSCACBachelor of Science in Applied Computing (degree)
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And in this communication, other countries sponsor the BSCAC troupe to perform Swange dance in their various countries which presupposes that while the other person, one is speaking, others should be listening.
For example, in 2008 the Benue State Council for Arts and Culture toured Mexico when Iyorwuese Hagher a Theatre Arts practitioner was the Nigeria Ambassador to Mexico which resulted in Mexico sending female choreographer Mary Carmel to visit and learn from BSCAC Swange dance and thus, she taught the group dances of the Chinese, Mexican, India, and Japanese for a year which actually began a diplomatic link between Nigeria and Mexico.
BSCAC was even test-recorded as a pre-requirement for the festival on compact disc by manufacturers of the compact disc system, which launched its presence soon after the festival.
For the BSCAC, it was quite an experience in that for the very first time, blacks from South Pacific, (Papua, New Guinea) were performing alongside with the Benue troupe.
In addition, in 2009, the BSCAC Swange troupe had a trip to celebrate Nigeria day in Israel.
As earlier pointed out in one of the segments of this work, whenever there is a visitor to Benue State from the oriental countries, BSCAC trills them with the repositioned Swange dance steps to their surprise.