BSCCOBismuth Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide
BSCCOBalancing and Settlement Code Company (UK)
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X-ray of the resulted powders confirmed a single-phase BSCCO superconductor with average particle size of about 32 nm, surface area by BET is about 65 g/[m.
la, that the BSCCO particles form a highly entangled (interconnected) structure in the NR matrix.
Also, the increase of TS may be attributed to the strong filler-blend interphase interaction and good BSCCO particles' dispersion into blend as confirmed by SEM in Fig.
These lone pair electrons affect the stereochemistry and become one of the common features of the Bi-containing compounds in the BSCCO system.
x] is important for BSCCO processing because this phase is in equilibrium with the 2201, 2212, and 2223 superconductors.
c], phases in the BSCCO systems, similar to the Ba-R-Cu-O systems, do not melt congruently, for crystal growth or grain growth, it is essential to obtain primary phase information.
However, the high cost of using BSCCO looms as a serious obstacle to its wide use.
That took more than a decade, but finally developers figured out ways to reliably encase the granular, brittle BSCCO in silver and extrude the package into long filaments.
The wire being wound to make the motor coils is BSCCO, which is superconductive at 77K and so only requires liquid nitrogen for cooling.
Although the nomenclature is not consistent among researchers, a common abbreviation scheme denotes the families as YBCO, BSCCO, TBCCO, and HBCCO.
The two important phases of BSCCO are the 2212 compound, with a [T.
Like silicon in the semiconductor industry, BSCCO multifilament composite wire is the material of choice in the HTS industry - it keeps getting better year over year in terms of overall price and performance relative to all newcomers.