BSCCOBismuth Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide
BSCCOBalancing and Settlement Code Company (UK)
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Because BSCCO wires are made only partially of the pure superconducting material, the actual critical current density of wires reaches only about 15,000 A/[cm.
Rolling shatters the weak bonds between the cardlike flakes of BSCCO, spreading each deck lengthwise by sliding layers past each other.
The technique, which researchers developed by about 1990, works because BSCCO crystals have a layered structure--"like a deck of cards," says Gregory J.
That took more than a decade, but finally developers figured out ways to reliably encase the granular, brittle BSCCO in silver and extrude the package into long filaments.
3]-CuO, or the BSCCO systems, partly because of the additional processing parameters of vapor pressure, and also because of the toxicity of the Tl-containing compounds.
Three well known superconductor phases in the BSCCO system are commonly referredd to (in the order of Bi:Sr:Ca:Cu) as the 1-layered 20K 2201, the 2-layered 80K 2212, and the 3-layered 110K 2223 phase.
These lone pair electrons affect the stereochemistry and become one of the common features of the Bi-containing compounds in the BSCCO system.
X-ray of the resulted powders confirmed a single-phase BSCCO superconductor with average particle size of about 32 nm, surface area by BET is about 65 g/[m.
la, that the BSCCO particles form a highly entangled (interconnected) structure in the NR matrix.
Also, the increase of TS may be attributed to the strong filler-blend interphase interaction and good BSCCO particles' dispersion into blend as confirmed by SEM in Fig.
Those statements include, but are not limited to, all statements regarding intent, beliefs, expectations, projections, forecasts, and plans of the Company and its management, and specifically include statements regarding the Phase II SBIR program continuing through June 2005 which is intended to determine the feasibility of producing cost effective, kilometer length BSCCO 2212 wires for very high field magnets (paragraph 1), and expectations that this program will lead to additional commercial applications regarding the use of high-energy magnets and ceramic superconductors (paragraph 3).
Department of Energy to study the effects of particle size distribution of the BSCCO 2212 powder on the current carrying capacity of kilometer length high temperature superconductive wires.