BSCEBachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BSCEBachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BSCEBachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
BSCEBachelor en Sciences de l'Education (French: Bachelor in Educational Sciences)
BSCEBoomslang Collector's Edition (Razer gaming mouse)
BSCEBachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (university degree)
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Hu received his BSCE and MSCE from Columbia University School of Engineering in 1989 and 1996, respectively.
Moreover, BSCE achieves among the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emission savings (over 70% relative to fossil fuel alternatives, according to the default values in the EU Renewable Energy Directive, and more than 55% when estimated ILUC emissions are accounted for) of all biofuels produced at scale in the world, because of its very moderate indirect impacts and the resource efficiency of its production.
Larsen holds a BSCE from the University of Florida.
Itzler holds a BSCE degree from SUNY Buffalo, as well as an MSCE from Columbia University.
He obtained his BSCE and MECE from the University of Louisville's Speed Scientific School.
He was a graduate of Clinton High School, Class of 1945, and the University of Maine at Orono, BSCE, Class of 1949.
Giles earned a BSCE degree from the University of Oklahoma.
Wilcock obtained a BSCE at Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.
Lewis graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BSCE and holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University.
He received a BSCE from Texas A&M University and attended advanced management programs in International Business at Columbia University and in Finance at Stanford University.