BSCFBillion Standard Cubic Feet
BSCFBromeliad Society of Central Florida
BSCFBrandeis Society for Creative Fantasy (gaming clan)
BSCFBishop's Stortford Civic Federation (UK)
BSCFBrunei Sports Climbing Federation
BSCFBachelor of Science in Computational Finance
BSCFBlack Sea Cooperation Forum
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2 BSCF of natural gas per year on the average or 9.
4 BSCF (billion standard cubic feet), but until now PT AAF has failed to renew its contract, and has stopped operation since Dec.
In 1998-2003 period, natural gas processed into LNG rose in volume from 1,718 BSCF to 1,722 BSCF.
5 Source: Pusri/Data Consultant Table - 3 Distribution of natural gas consumption by industries, 2000 Industries/users BSCF Share (%) LNG 1,563.
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