BSCWBasic Support for Cooperative Work
BSCWBritish Society of Comedy Writers (UK)
BSCWBuddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom (est. 1967)
BSCWBoston Sports Club Wellesley (Wellesley, MA)
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Awareness of performed activities in user environment is implemented in different formats within most of the collaborative systems, but only BSCW and Moodle provide persistent storage of all performed events and some basic statistics of users' behavior too.
Basic free term search is implemented in any collaborative system, but BSCW provides in addition also semantic search, supporting different metadata standards and offering faceted browsing and filtering.
KP-Lab System represents modular and extensible collaborative system based on trialogical learning principles with many integrated end user features so it is possible to compare it with other existing frequently used systems such as Sakai (6), BSCW (7) and Moodle (8).
BSCW seems to be a strong commercial system that provides advanced functionalities as tagging, communities, templates, search on different indexing services, while editing tags or the indexes is poorly developed or does not exist, also collaborative idea generation tools are not available.
The BSCW system (Appelt & Mambrey, 1999) is based on the metaphor of shared workspaces.
The asynchronous communication was performed using the BSCW tool (http:// www.
BSCW is a tool for cooperative work that offers a range of possibilities such as: group management, asynchronous discussions, document management, and an automated daily workspace activity report.
The analysis has been mainly based on the collaborative interactions that took place at the BSCW virtual workspace (asynchronous communication/discussions).