BSDMBiological Sciences in Dental Medicine (Harvard University; Boston, MA)
BSDMBox Structure Development Method (system analysis and design)
BSDMBusiness Systems Development Method
BSDMBrown Stripe Downy Mildew (plant disease)
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For example Hero Moto Corp has shown their willingness to partner with BSDM to training candidates form Bihar both within and outside Bihar.
This arises from the fact that the BANK is adopting other practices not formally foreseen in the BSDM, including agile method practices, or it is necessary to review the current method to formalize the required practices or the ones that are already in use in certain types of projects.
There is also the perception that the success of the projects is related to compliance with the practices established in the BSDM, which is traditional.
About the first of them (Project Cycle), the respondents are neutral on the need to change the development process foreseen in the BSDM, although some have expressed themselves in the opened questions about the need to change this process.
Within this context, aligned to these methods is the perception of respondents that normally the BANK projects start without a complete definition of the demanding client requirements, although the BSDM has a traditional bias.
This situation can be favorable in the BSDM, in the face of normal incompleteness of the requirements from the beginning of the projects.
Amit Kumar Pandey for the overall implementation of different skill training programs undertaken by BSDM," he added.